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Dave Dalton – British Glass

As Chief Executive of British Glass Dave represents the £1.6bn glass industry sector to Government and other national and international influential bodies, and acts as a spokesperson and champion for glass. His expertise covers glass as a material, and as a product such as bottles and jars, float glass for the construction industry, and fibre glass for the renewables sector. He sits on a range of working groups, committees and sector Boards at UK and EU level. These include Glass Alliance Europe, CETIE, (the International Technical Center For Bottling) Vitritch (formerly GMS), Glass Futures and the British Glass Board. Dave has worked in the industry for almost 40 years. He qualified as an analytical chemist and post-graduate glass technologist at the University of Sheffield, and began his career in the laboratories of the British glass industry’s research association (BGIRA). He then moved into the management of the business, including the analytical chemistry laboratories, glass technology, melting, production, and the wider R&D function. In the mid Nineties he was appointed to the association’s lead technical role as General Manager, and in 2001 became Technical Director of its successor body Glass Technology Services, the glass research, development and testing body. Having successfully reshaped Glass Technology Services, and turned around its financial performance so that the business was financially stable, he was appointed Chief Executive of British Glass. He holds overall responsibility for British Glass in its role supporting and representing the UK glass industry and its supply chain, while also maintaining financial and functional responsibility for Glass Technology Services.

Sessions by Dave Dalton

The Market Intelligence Theatre

Understanding the UK glass market

9:30 – 10:00