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Hans van de Nes

Hans van de Nes – EURIC and Sortiva

Hans van de Nes has more than 20 years of experience in the paper and plastics recycling industry. He developed the Reisswolf formula in The Netherlands and made it to a company that is responsible for the security shredding for KLM, Shell and the Dutch government. In the Netherlands he created VDE Papierrecycling which later joined Sortiva. For Sortiva he is responsible for paper, plastics and new business. He is internationally active and represents in Europe the interests of the “secondary paper value chain” in the Netherlands. In Germany he advises the Melosch group in Hamburg. Hans has a financial background and is the treasurer of the FNOI. He is President of EURIC's Paper Recycling Branch (ERPA) and a board member of EuRIC.

Sessions by Hans van de Nes

Environment: For Love or Money? Theatre

Is Europe focused on building an environmental or market-based recycling system? Are the two compatible?