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Sophie Walker – Dsposal

Sophie is the enthusiastic COO and Co-Founder of Dsposal, a clean-tech start-up working towards a world where all waste is treated as a resource. Dsposal builds easy-to-use tech to connect all waste producers to licensed waste services and make compliance simple. We believe in making the relevant data accessible and convenient to use, driving behaviour change and creating value by maximising the utility of waste. Prior to founding the company in 2016, Sophie gained a degree in Conflict Resolution, cycled 8700 miles around North America and enjoyed a winding career encompassing logistics and supply chain, the food industry and sustainability. She brings a fresh pair of eyes and breadth of experience to her new-found passion for the waste and resources industry. She sits on the MBA Industry Advisory Board at the University of Bradford and is an alumna of the CSC Leaders Programme.

Sessions by Sophie Walker

Environment: For Love or Money? Theatre

Panel discussion: What new technologies will revolutionise the recycling and sustainability value chains?