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Stuart Spencer-Calnan Roberts Bakery

Stuart Spencer-Calnan – Roberts Bakery

Stuart Spencer-Calnan is Managing Director of Roberts Bakery, a fourth-generation family business, Roberts has been challenging traditions and shaking up baking since 1887. Over the last two years, Stuart has spearheaded the launch of a radically new identity, positioning and product offering to underpin Roberts’ vision to become the UK’s most innovative, next generation bakery brand. Challenging consumers and retailers to ‘embrace the new’, it set out to revolutionise the bread and baked goods category and its complacency and inspire modern day consumers. All of this whilst staying loyal to its long-standing bread buyers. Key to Roberts’ change in approach was the development and and launch of its Bloomer packaging, which can be recycled from home. It’s the UK’s first and only bread brand to do so and it’s hoped that others will follow suit. This first move in market was made possible by the creation of a team of packaging technology experts who are working with the most innovative suppliers to ensure that Roberts stays ahead of the game. The steps that Roberts has taken so far with its Bloomer range are relatively small but very significant. More sustainable packaging solutions are in the pipeline. Stuart is leading bakery industry conversations on sustainable packaging and is working closely with the recycling industry to better understand the impact of a circular economy and how the brand - along with the wider bread and baked goods category - can play its part.

Sessions by Stuart Spencer-Calnan

A Design for Lifecycle Theatre

Designing packaging for recyclability. The steps Roberts Bakery is taking to making its packaging suitable for recycling