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Green Edge Apps

Green Edge Apps

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Green Edge Apps
The Studio
Station Road
NP16 5PF

Green Edge Applications is a new, innovative online environmental consultancy specialising in the development of environmental digital applications. The company Director, Jane Hall, is a Chartered Environmental Consultant with over 20 years’ industrial, environmental and waste management experience.

She has a highly valuable perspective of having worked with both commercial organisations and regulatory authorities in a senior capacity. She employs this specialist skill-base to help companies manage resources efficiently and comply with environmental regulations.

Effective use of digital software tools can greatly improve operational efficiency to reduce the strain of compliance on your staff. Together with our partner software developers, Green Edge Applications can support organisations who seek to improve their environmental performance by developing bespoke resource and environmental management software tools.

Green Edge Applications delivers online environmental training to give you a comprehensive, affordable training plan for you and your employees. Our online environmental training and webinars are for all employees, regardless of technical ability, so we can up-skill your whole workforce. By delivering training online, it can be completed time-efficiently without disrupting your business.

Green Edge Applications are the developers of MyWasteApp which is an easy to use web-based application. MyWasteApp connects producers of waste with waste sites so they can easily find places that can handle specific waste types.

MyWasteApp holds information on over 10,000 waste companies and the wastes they’re able to accept. It then translates this information into easy to use search tools. MyWasteApp enables users to find waste treatment facilities based on their waste types or by the type of waste treatment process they’re looking for. As a result, this makes it easier for users of MyWastesApp to find the best place for their wastes.

Waste companies who sign up to MyWasteApp to promote their site can receive direct enquiries from search tool users. This way, MyWasteApp connects our customers with new waste management opportunities.