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The Recycling Association

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The Recycling Association represents more than 80 UK recycling organisations producing more than 2 million tonnes of recyclate a year. We are the largest network of independent waste and recycling operators in the UK with a combined annual turnover in excess of £2 billion.

What our members do matters

Together, The Recycling Association members provide recycled material to re-processors in the UK and across the world. This allows manufacturers to use sustainable recycled materials, reduces the amount of needless landfilling and cuts reliance on single use commodities. Furthermore, our members make a substantial contribution to the United Kingdom’s balance of payments. Click here to read more about The Recycling Association.

We support UK recycling excellence

We work at regional, national, European and international levels. Whether through lobbying, campaigning, developing relationships and opportunities or supporting members with best practice, operational or legislative advice – our aim is to support UK recycling, maximising both material quantity and quality.

Quality First

We recognise that quality represents an ongoing challenge for the recycling sector. We believe that achieving high quality recycling outcomes is the responsibility of the complete supply chain, from householder through to purchaser. Our Quality First campaign seeks to make it easier to achieve our quality goals. Click here to read about Quality First and to join the campaign.

We cover all materials

Founded in 1975 to represent independent recovered paper merchants, our membership is now open to all businesses in the waste management and recycling industries. This allows us to meet the needs of a dynamic and growing recycling industry. Our current membership covers a diverse material range. Click here for current member details.

Join our network

We believe that by working together we can do more. Click here if for more details about becoming a member.